What Do We Do?

Random testing of alcohol levels has proven to be the best preventive measure to repeat offending. Over the past few years, SnagPod principal has had extensive experience with current alcohol testing procedures. Building on this experience, the principal has developed a unique method of testing and reporting individuals’ blood alcohol levels.  We have developed this innovative approach to make it easier for probation and parole officers to monitor parole activities with less room for error and falsified reporting. The system tests an individual’s blood alcohol level and reports the results to the test-taker’s probation or parole officer, through secure connections to the Internet and other communication networks.

SnagPod has developed a state of the art scientific method involving a self-servicing kiosk along with a secure web-based and established scientific methodology application using the chemical test module above for reporting the results of the test, virtually eliminating the current process problems.

PO-1000 Software

  • Provides management and violation response in real time.  The officer is  immediately notified of any violations  directly to your electronic desktop, via email or text message.


  • Easy touchscreen for client sign-up and client log-in with the enhanced security of video and auto finger-print matching on each and every client test.


  • The software has the flexibility to assign and reassign scheduled testing intervals that are assigned by day, time or by exception and by officer.


  • More effective case management which provides a searchable database of BAC testing events of individual and summary reporting options to support evidence based management activities:

Typical reports include:

  • Client Test History

  • Failed and No-Shows

  • Previous and Expected Days Tests

  • Summary Client Reporting

  • Current Officer/Client Assignments (including the ability to re-assign clients)

  • Revenue Tracking

Alcohol Testing Kiosk Stations Include:

  • Passive and/or Direct Alcohol Testing

  • Automatic or manual calibration and calibration checking

  • Touch Screens

  • Bio-Metric Fingerprint Recognition

  • Video and Image Capture

  • Credit and/or ID Card Reader

  • Bill/Change Acceptor

  • Battery Back-up

  • Receipt Printing

  • Ethernet or WiFi Capability

Kiosk Components